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PILIHAN BERNAS logo is printed on all endorsed brands. This logo emphasizes our slogan "Dijamin Pilihan Bijak" (A Smart Choice, Guaranteed). It is developed in four different colors for easy identification process.

Local White Rice (Purple Logo)

Local White Rice grains are long rice with a minimum size of 6.2mm with the composition of broken rice available in the market is 5%, 10% and 15%. Rice that contains a high percentage of broken rice is cheaper in price. This rice has an average content of amylose with only 21.4%, producing pattering and non-sticky texture. In terms of quality and taste, this type of rice is just the same as super white rice imported from neighbouring countries.

Local white rice is usually used for cooking daily meals and suitable for cooking nasi lemak, ketupat nasi, fried rice and mixed rice.

Imported White Rice (Blue Logo)

Imported White Rice is also long grain white rice imported from neighbouring countries. It shares the same texture, taste and characteristics of the Local White Rice. This rice also served in daily meals and is suitable for cooking nasi lemak or fried rice.

Fragrant Rice (Pink Logo)

Fragrant Rice is aromatic rice with a natural fragrance. Usually long (about 7mm) and cylindrical in shape, it has a tender texture. Fragrant Rice has low to intermediate amylose content, 13-25%, meaning it is rather glutinous. Intermediate amylose rice cooks moist and a bit waxy. However, this type of rice may harden and lose its aroma with time. Fragrant Rice is a favourite choice with the Chinese community. It is well-served as nasi ayam and also commonly used for cooking daily home meals.

Specialty Rice (Orange Logo)

Many types of Specialty Rice are made available by PILIHAN BERNAS. Here, we look at four favourites:

Basmati Rice
Basmati rice that is available in the market is imported from India and Pakistan. The grain's minimum length is about 7mm or more; it is white in colour which indicates good quality rice. The amylose content in Basmati is high, about 24.1% and it expands to two times its original length after cooking. Basmati rice is suitable for cooking flavoured rice like nasi briyani, nasi tomato, nasi minyak and etc.

Ponni Herbal Rice
Ponni herbal rice is an organic rice which is low in carbohydrate and high in protein. This rice is suitable for a low calorie diet.

Glutinous Rice
Glutinous rice is usually soft and sticky when cooked because it contains 10-20% low amylose. This rice has an oblong shape, pearlised and not translucent at all and it is small in size with a minimal length of 4mm. Glutinous rice is used in making traditional delicacies such as ketupat pulut, lemang and others.

Brown Rice
Brown rice has low Glisemic Index and since it still has the bran intact, it is a much better source of fiber. Fiber also has a healthy effect on our cholesterol levels and may help to reduce this risk of cardiovascular disease. This rice is suitable for a low calorie diet.